The experts of the Association of Energy Auditors have updated the database of grants and loans for energy efficiency projects, which may be used by local governments, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, which are aimed at improving energy efficiency and environmental protection.

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The program to improve energy efficiency in apartment buildings the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in partnership with local commercial banks could soon offer a line of credit for energy efficiency projects in residential buildings (hereinafter – the line of credit).

If such a line of credit score, the owners of private homes and condominiums associations (HOAs) will be able to obtain financing for energy efficiency projects. Credits will be issued to borrowers who satisfy certain criteria, such as: type of project, the amount of funding required, the expected energy savings and other standard criteria for the loan. Credits will be issued on a commercial basis, with interest rates ranging from 15% to 18% (or perhaps 12% – 14%) and loan maturities of 3-5 years (maybe more). Terms of the loan for the implementation of energy efficiency projects will be the same as the conditions of the loan at a commercial bank.

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