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Webinars on energy efficiency – information-learning project of the Association of Energy Auditors.

The purpose of the project – to make knowledge on Energy and energoefektvinosti available and their method of preparation – it is easier.

The main benefits of the project:

  1. Interactivity (the interaction of the participants, not only with the speaker, but also among themselves, to put forward their ideas on the topic can be anyone).
  2. Mobility (members can participate in the webinar as sitting at a computer or mobile phone, both in the workplace and in the trip).
  3. Save time and money. (Do not go on a business trip, book tickets, hotels).

Webinar – this seminar, which is held over the Internet. Participation in the webinar is available to any novice user. Everything you need – is an ordinary computer with Internet access. The presence of webcams, microphones and headphones is desirable, but not necessary. Questions can be asked by simply typing them on a keyboard like a normal chat.

During his speech, leading or after each participant can write in the chat webinar to ask a question or share your information on the webinar.

The webinar lasts 1 – 1.5 hours.

For questions and suggestions for cooperation, please contact

Виктория Коваленко

Victoria Kovalenko
+380 67 2142304
+380 95 5940845


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