Solid-Fuel Projects

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The “Use of waste for energy savings”.

Rising prices for gas and electricity encourages domestic companies to look for alternative energy and saving energy resources.

In this regard, the Association of Energy Auditors started Project “Use of waste for energy savings.”

The purpose of the project – to promote ways of saving energy (gas and electricity) by recycling organic and plant material, industrial waste into solid fuel, followed by the use of solid fuel boilers and power plants. Spreading information about how to use the waste saving energy (electricity, gas).

Project summary:

  1. Features of transportation, storage and preparation of various types of biomass.
  2. Construction and maintenance of the production of fuel pellets.
  3. The main features of the error and Ukrainian projects solid-fuel boilers.
  4. Specificity of conversion of gas equipment for solid fuels with peredtopkiv: steam and hot water boilers, dryers, grain and biomass.
  5. Possibilities of electricity generation by thermal power plants of various capacities solid.
  6. Economic and legal aspects of solid business.
  7. Financial Instruments for solid projects.

Target audience:

  1. Commercial production company.
  2. Agricultural firm.
  3. Budget institutions. (Schools, hospitals, kindergartens).

The project provides free advice on the preparation and implementation of solid projects.


Alexander Korenyuk
Coordinator of “Solid projects”
+380 44 2093396


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