Creation of a department of energy audit

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Energy Auditors of association offers the service “Helping to create energy audit department.”

The service is focused on engineering, installation, construction and design organizations that want to expand their business in the context of energy efficiency.

The main idea of ​​service – to reduce the cost of time to the organization of the department / directions. We help you to prepare and develop practical skills in a professional energy audit of your company.

Helping to create a Department of Energy audit of buildings (schools, kindergartens, homes), we provide:

  1. Check out our expert-energy audit for 2-3 days for you to the actual object (if any);
  2. Conducting hands-on training your staff at the facility;
  3. Explanation of the basic nuances in conducting energy audits for kindergartens, schools, apartment buildings;
  4. We show what to look for, where to get information and how to process it, what to do if there is no complete information.
  5. We talk and provide information on the key measures to improve energy efficiency in buildings.
  6. Transfer you to an automated template for reporting and Energy Performance of energy audits of buildings. In it you need to specify only the input parameters, and the full report is automatically calculated. Our know-how in the market of energy audits of buildings.
  7. The joint preparation of a report with detailed comments.
  8. Monthly post-consultation on emerging issues in the telephone and e-mail modes. It is important that we do not search for sites for energy audits, but we can help you in finding qualified professionals, energy auditors in your city / region.

We can also help you in getting the certificate of the right of the audit.

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