The main event in the field of sustainable energy of Ukraine – the 6th International Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Forum in Ukraine REF-2014 Kyiv – will be held on October, 14-15, 2014.

The sweeping changes on the conventional energy sources market offer nowadays ample opportunities for investors to carry out renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Ukraine. The feed-in-tariff for the wind and solar energy, small hydroenergetics, biofuel power-station as well as legislative basis for projects targeted on substitution of gas for energy alternatives are developing unique facilities for the sector growth in Ukraine.

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Dear Colleagues.

To the Association of Energy Auditors were joined by two members:



Pioneer of the newest technologies, Nova Kakhovka.



БЦ енергоаудит


BT-Energy Audit, Bila Tserkva



With all members of the Association of Energy Auditors can be found here.




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May 14, 2014 in the exhibition “Aqua-Therm Kiev 2014” International Scientific and Practical Conference “Energy efficiency and resource in the housing and communal services – main direction of development of the industry”, organized with the active support of the Interdisciplinary Association for the Advancement of heating systems” Ukrteplokomunenerho”.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development, National Commission, carrying out state regulation of utilities, heads of district heating organizations, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, representatives of higher educational institutions, etc.

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May 22, 2014 in the office of the Project “Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine” held its first working meeting of the five organizations that have been in the selection of regional training (training) centers to assist in the development of action plans for sustainable energy development.

The list of organizations – participants entered and the Association of Energy Auditors.

The meeting was attended Victoria Kovalenko, Executive Director, Association of Energy Auditors; Andrew Ginkul, Coordinator of “International energy efficiency projects” Association of Energy Auditors, Boris Paholyuk, member of the Association of Energy Auditors.

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May 27, 2014 at the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) started the IV International Conference “Energointegratsiya 2014. Integrated energy-efficient technologies in architecture and construction”.

The conference addressed issues of system research problems of energy saving and the use of alternative energy sources in the architecture, construction and related industries by integrating architectural planning, design, engineering and technological levels of design, construction and operation.

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In the framework of HotEnergy-2014, Forum “Energy Efficiency Solutions for the Hotel Infrastructure” (July 1-2, Kyiv), under the patronage of Green Awards Ukraine (the National Award of the “green” projects in Ukraine) a contest “The Best Sustainable Hotel of Ukraine – 2014″ will be held.

The purpose of the contest “The Best Sustainable Hotel of Ukraine – 2014″ is to promote the usage of clean technologies in the hospitality industry through the determination of the best energy-efficient hotels in the country.

Award nominees will be the representatives from hotels all over Ukraine, forum participants ofHot Energy-2014. According to the results of the contest 3 most successful eco- project of the hotel industry will be determined.

The jury of the contest will be presented by leading experts in the field of environmental technologies and practices of the European level, known representatives of public opinion and international organizations.

“The Best sustainable hotel of Ukraine – 2014″ in the framework of Green Awards Ukraine is not only a prestigious recognition of the achievements of the hotel business market players but also a significant contribution to the development of “green economy” in Ukraine and promotion of Ukrainian products in the global market.


Green Awards Ukraine is an annual independent competition of business and social “green” projects. It is an unprecedented project for Ukraine, which assesses the efforts of organizations and companies towards implementing safe for the environment and human health projects in all areas of business and social activity in Ukraine.

Green Awards Ukraine is recognition of professionalism of organizations and companies in projects connected with sustainable development, clean technology, environmental protection, showcasing “green” policy, environmental management initiatives to preserve the environment of companies and organizations.




Dates: July 1-2, 2014
Venue: Kyiv, Ukraine

HotEnergy-2014: Forum “Energy Efficiency Solutions for the Hotel Infrastructure” is an information platform, which will showcase the best Ukrainian and foreign technological models, aimed to reduce the consumption of natural gas, as well as switching to alternative sources of heat, reducing energy consumption and building their own power plants. HotEnergy-2014 is the industry event prepared by IBCentre – a leader in the organization of highly professional business activities in the field of business innovation, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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Colleagues, with increasing gas prices began to question of replacing native gas Ukrainian enterprises more urgent.

Our partner,  sro, Energas Czechis ready to invest their own money in bioenergy projects gazozamescheniya followed by heat supply company at a rate of less than gas.

Energas Czech energy auditors look for partners in Ukraine, who are interested in such projects.

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