The cost of the energy audit

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The cost of the energy audit of district heating companies

The cost of the energy audit business district heating depends on many factors:

  1. The number of boilers in the city;
  2. The lengths of the heating networks;
  3. Type instrumetalnih measurements;
  4. The presence of metering of energy resources;
  5. Availability of project documentation;
  6. Availability of data for previous years;
  7. More.

For example

The facility energy audit: the enterprise of heating networks in a city with a population of 100 thousand inhabitants, 20-25 boilers, and about 50 km of heat networks.

The cost of a comprehensive energy audit:

performed by professionals;

  1. with guaranteed results;
  2. with financial analysis;
  3. with the introduction of a comprehensive program of energy efficiency projects, which can be represented by international financial institutions

Is about 300-400 thousand UAH.

Pricing methodology for energy audits of district heating companies

For further questions and comments about the price of district heating energy audit, please contact:

Тарновський Михайло

Mikhail Tarnowski
Coordinator of “Energy audits and energy management systems of the centralized heat supply”
+380 57 7281456

 The cost of the energy audit of buildings

Scope of work

Average price, UAH

Energy audit budget (public) buildings
hospitals, kindergartens, schools and other


9 000 – 14 000

Energy audit of residential buildings

8 000 – 13 000

Energy audit of buildings commercial sphere
Offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities

from 11 000   

Energy Performance buildings

4 000 – 7 000

Thermal imaging and thermographic survey report

from 2 000

A thermal imaging survey of cottages

800 – 2 000

TeTeplovizionnaya shooting buildings
as quality of work performed on warming

from 3 000


The table shows the average recommended prices for energy audits, as of June 2013. The final cost of the energy audit of the building can be changed on the basis of terms of reference, the type and complexity of the object.

For further questions and comments regarding the prices for energy audits of buildings, please contact:

Григорий Романюк

Coordinator of “Energy audits of buildings”


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