District heating schemes

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One of the key areas of public policy, public administration and management in the field of heat supply is the development and implementation of district heating schemes cities and towns of Ukraine.

District heating scheme is pre-project document that substantiates the economic feasibility and the economic need for the design and construction of new, expansion and modernization of existing sources of thermal energy and heat networks.

For decision-making for the heat supply of a village held certification of the current system, in particular:

  1. inspection of boilers to further their effective use;
  2. inspection of heating networks in order to identify damaged sections;
  3. calculation of the heat balance for compliance with the thermal power of the heat load of consumers.

District heating schemes allow you to:

  1. Develop comprehensive measures to increase energy efficiency in heating of the city;
  2. Transfer to reserve or eliminate the least efficient sources of heat;
  3. Identify areas or individual office buildings and homes, heat which is advantageously carried out from decentralized sources;
  4. Determine the reserves of thermal power in parts of the city;
  5. Optimize temperature graph for each heat source;
  6. Remit a portion of boiler to work in peak mode, to develop schemes of their collaboration with the basic sources.

The list of approved heating schemes cities of Ukraine.

On approval of the regional programs of modernization of heating systems.
Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 2, 2009 number 401.

Guidelines for the development of energy and heat supply schemes ekologoeffektivnyh settlements of Ukraine

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