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The membership in the Association of energy auditors is voluntary. To join the Association it is necessary to write an e-mail to the address indicating:

  1. General information about your company and the results of its activities (list of implemented projects in energy efficiency,
  2. Purpose of your joining the Association, the fields you would like to participate in and innovative valuable ideas you can implement for the development of energy audit market in

The decision about the membership is taken by the Head of the Association of energy auditors together with the coordinators of development departments. The decision concerning the acceptance of the Applicant is informed to the latter within five working days after the consideration of the membership question. The refusal to accept the Applicant to the Association is not to be explained.

Advantages of membership in the Association of energy auditors:

  1. Participation in expert and legislative activities aimed at improving legislation on the market of energy audit.
  2. Access to the community of useful sector business contacts.
  3. Participation in joint business programs of the Association, development of new segments of the market.
  4. The right to use the symbols of the Association;
  5. PR support, participation in expert interviews to the media.
  6. Improving the company status.
  7. Advice and training on issues of energy audit.
  8. Ability to participate in the events held by the Association and its partners, industry conferences, round tables and training seminars on various aspects of activity.
  9. More profits for your business to grow faster in energy efficiency.

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