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The Association of Energy Auditors – Expert union of leaders in energy audit and energy management in Ukraine. The key objective of the Association of Energy Auditors is the development of market for energy audit and energy management. The Association of Energy Auditors is focused on market- based approaches to work and modern information technology for the formation and development of energy audit and energy management markets.

Basic activities:

  1. Promote the idea of ​​an energy audit for commercial companies, state organizations and municipal utilities.
  2. Awareness-education campaigns and research on energy conservation and energy efficiency.
  3. Monitoring of prices for energy efficiency measures in buildings.
  4. Normative and methodological regulation and provision of energy audit and energy management.
  5. Maintenance of international energy efficiency projects.
  6. Energy audit and energy management of centralized heating systems.
  7. Energy audit and energy management of industrial enterprises.
  8. Energy audit of residential and public buildings.
  9. Development and implementation of ESCO mechanism.
  10. Developing and expanding the experience of the use of solid fuel boilers with an alternative fuel.
  11. Support local authorities in the preparation and implementation of local action plans for sustainable energy development.

Reports on the results of the Association of Energy Auditors:

  1.  Report for the year 2012
  2.  Report for the 1st half of the year 2013
  3.  Report for the year 2013.
  4.  Report for the year 2014.


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