Video comments regarding necessity to revise draft law on Energy Efficiency Fund


Association of Energy Auditors of Ukraine has been developing regulations in the field of energy efficiency for about 10 years. Now we clearly adhere to the position to establish energy efficiency Fund as it is one of the priority tasks for the development of our national economy. However, we emphasize that the draft law № 5598 must be submitted back for second reading because it cannot be accepted in its current wording – there is a strong necessity in its thorough revision.

Draft law on Energy Efficiency Fund – is a highly specialized law aimed at solving a number of problems existing in the economy of Ukraine. The adoption of such draft law is now important for the activity of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, the Ministry of Regional Development, therefore we do not want to create another fund or mechanism that will not work – there is no need in it! We support the creation of an effective system that will simplify life of Ukrainians and will save Ukrainian budget.

Frankly speaking, the quality of the draft law № 5598 submitted for the second reading is not high, but dangerous, because it carries a number of risks associated with corruption and inefficient activities, or even total disability of the fund in the wording presented now.

We’ve got extensive experience in implementation of such projects with our foreign colleagues, and we believe that the Draft Law on Energy Efficiency Fund is important and really necessary for Ukraine, the main question now – is what quality of the document is going to be and what mechanism will be elaborated to perform the tasks of the Fund . Our position is to contribute high-quality changes in line with European practice in Ukrainian legislation in whole and in terms of energy efficiency. In addition, regarding Energy Efficiency Fund – a model, which is successfully operating in the most similar to our post Soviet country in EU – is in Lithuania.

You can see the video below to learn more risks hidden in the current version of the draft law, and to listen to the position of representatives of the Association of Energy Auditors of Ukraine concerning the energy efficiency Fund:

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