DemoUkrainaDH Program launches Third Call for Applications – September 2015


DemoUkrainaDH Program offers publicly owned Ukrainian District Heating Companies again the opportunity to receive funding for demonstration projects.

The objective of the DemoUkrainaDH Program is to demonstrate in Ukrainian cities new District Heating technology and District Heating system solutions according to state of the art practices for project preparation, design, procurement, implementation and follow up for more energy efficient and sustainable District Heating services.

The Program can provide the following support to selected project partners:

  • Capital expenditure grant funding up to a maximum of 50% of the total external funding but not exceeding MEUR 0,3 per demonstration project.
  • Credit Funding to a maximum of MEUR 0,5 per demonstration project. The credit has an interest rate of 6% with loan repayments matching the anticipated project savings.
  • Technical Assistance (TA), which means that international consultants will provide support during the development and implementation of the demonstration projects. The project partner is obliged to establish a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) with at least one English-speaking member.
  • Selected project partners have to fund themselves 15 % of the total project costs.

In order to make the application process swift and effective it is offered the possibility to have project ideas pre-assessed. In this way can be checked if project ideas have the potential to become selected as a demonstration project. Interested applicants are advised to contact the DemoUkrainaDH Coordination Team before starting the formal application procedure, as presented on the website The best way to contact the team is to send an email (in Ukrainian, Russian or English) to:

Read more about Program:

Download the announcement about Third Call for Applications of DemoUkrainaDH Program

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