Ukraine starts competitive selection of cities to participate in an international project on energy saving


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To participate in the project until February 7 accepting applications from potential participants in cities.

– Housing and communal services – one of the toughest industries. For its modernization and improving the quality of public services Government, except budgetary financing, attracting funds from international financial institutions (IFIs ), is studying the best world experience and attracts the world’s experts. Particular attention is paid to the implementation of projects aimed at energy saving and cost of natural gas. It’s – energy security of Ukraine. Ukraine starts beginning selection of cities to participate in the project” Municipal Energy reform” of the U.S. Agency for International Development. In the framework of leading international experts to provide professional assistance to cities to develop specific action plans for energy conservation and attracting finance for their implementation in the international financial institutions – said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vilkul.

Project of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) “Municipal Energy Reform” (MED) for 4 years. Its total cost is 14.5 million U.S. dollars. To participate in the project until February 7 Applications from cities – potential participants, of which 15 participants will be selected (cities with populations of 100,000 to 1 million). Project goal – improving the energy security of Ukraine, increase energy efficiency, in particular, the introduction of energy-saving technologies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and attract private investment in the sector.

To do this, an Action Plan on energy efficiency for each city participating in the project on the basis of an energy audit – detailed analysis of the situation on the use of energy. The experts develop methods for monitoring and verifying energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their cost-effectiveness for the activities to be carried out in the cities. In particular, the action plans for each city may include activities for the improvement of heat, reduce heat loss, including social facilities and homes, upgrading heating systems, replacement of pipes, installation of heat meters, etc.

International experts will provide assistance to cities in attracting funds from international financial institutions to implement measures that will be identified in the action plans. In particular, they will assist with the preparation of feasibility study (FS ) and other preparatory project documentation (preparation of technical specifications, energy audits, tender documentation, etc.).

Expert assistance will be to identify investment projects by conducting energy audits, feasibility studies (with the cost, energy savings and savings accounts, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions), preparation of business plans including cost effectiveness. MED project will help municipalities in the preparation of applications for funding for projects and funds from international financial organizations.

Project MED support to monitor the implementation of energy efficiency projects funded to provide technical support to partner banks to ensure effective cooperation between borrowers and lenders , to monitor the status of projects.

MED project will provide technical assistance and capacity building activities for the provision of commercial bank loans for energy efficiency of local authorities, associations, utilities, condominiums and private sector institutions that will realizirovat energy efficiency projects in the residential sector or public sector buildings (eg ESCO).

– With the support of governments in the region implemented projects for energy efficiency in housing. Now their number is more than 230 projects, including with the support of international financial institutions. Project” Municipal Energy reform” is another step in the development of national energy security, modernizing the housing sector and improve the quality of public services, – said Alexander Vilkul.

Also, now in Ukraine for modernization of housing, local infrastructure and energy-saving technologies government together with international financial organizations implements four projects worth more than 3 billion USD. In addition, the Ministry of Regional Development is working on implementing MFIs 5 more projects worth nearly 10 billion UAH. Projects include enhancing regional management, self-management, energy efficiency, resource conservation and solutions to environmental problems.

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