In Ukraine will introduce passports energy regions


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In Ukraine will introduce passports energy regions. This will provide an opportunity to assess the work as the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the local authorities in the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

This was a working trip to Dnipropetrovsk Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Edward Stawicki.

Currently, a working group that will monitor energy consumption in the context of each region, as well as consider the challenges associated with energy consumption in each region. “Energy security in our country – it’s a two-way traffic. On the one hand we need to increase the production of minerals that directly affect the energy security of the state – is coal and natural gas, and others. On the other hand – it is energy conservation and energy efficiency, in particular – thermal rehabilitation of buildings, which allows to significantly reduce costs in teplokommunenergo”- said Stawicki.

“Technical passport will be introduced to areas that will eventually lead evaluation work as the Ministry and local authorities to address the important task,” – said the Minister.

Ministry of Regional Development has developed 25 feasibility study (FS) projects to further reform the housing and utilities sector. In particular, the introduction of energy saving technologies in water supply and sanitation. Recall that for a complex of buildings teplomodernizatsiyu need to 500 billion USD.

As stated by Vice Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul, the Ukrainian government is in talks with five international financial institutions to attract UAH 10 billion for projects in the sphere of housing and communal services.

Energy conservation in housing may be one of the main sources of income of the population increase. For the implementation of energy saving measures, the overhaul and repair of housing and communal services (HCS ) last year sent 40 million UAH.

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