In 2013 Natskomuslug approved investment programs of 17 companies in the amount of heat 342 mln.


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In 2013, the Commission approved the investment program 17 heat supply companies . Projected savings from the implementation of the programs of nearly 250 mln.

During 2013, the National Commission, subject to state regulation in the sphere of public services approved 17 investment programs (IP) in the heating sector totaling 342 thousand 079.10 grn.v particular investment programs have been approved for the following companies:

  1. PJSC “Kyivenergo”;
  2. KP BMP “Vinnitsagorteploenergo”;
  3. KP “Dneprorudnensky thermal networks”;
  4. OOO “Shostka enterprise” Kharkovenergoremont”;
  5. POKVPTG “Poltavateploenergo”;
  6. OOO “Kramatorskteploenergo”;
  7. OOO “Stanislawska TEK”, Ivano -Frankivsk;
  8. PJSC “Kherson cogeneration plant”;
  9. KP “Hersonteploenergo”;
  10. KP “Brovariteplovodoenergiya”;
  11. KP “Ilichevskteploenergo”;
  12. PJSC “Gorlovskteploset”;
  13. KP DFID ” Dneprodzerzhinskteploset “;
  14. PJSC “Euro- Reconstruction”,Kiev;
  15. KP “Gorteplovodenergiya”, Kamenetz -Podolsk city;
  16. KP “Southwest heating system”, Khmelnytsky;
  17. OOO “Sumyteploenergo”.

Appropriate decisions posted on the official website of the Commission in the “Normative – legal framework”.

Due to the implementation of these investment programs provided:

  • reconstruction, modernization, installation of boilers 49, including 26 with the replacement and installation of burners 2 teploutilizatorov ( economizers );
  • replacement of obsolete pumps 107 new energy-saving ;
  • retrofit 75 existing pumps with frequency converters;
  • replacing two heat exchangers;
  • modernization of chemical water treatment systems 18;
  • 19 boiler automation;
  • 214 establishment of heating energy outputs from sources of heat;
  • modernization, reconstruction 14 heat points, including: replacement of 20 obsolete pumps to new energy saving, replacement of heat exchangers 3, reconstruction 32.68 km of heat networks in two-pipe.

Projected savings from the measures of investment programs will be almost 250 million UAH annually.

In total, during 2013 the Commission was filed 120 investment programs in the heating sector. In particular, 43 licensees were consulted on the formulation of investment programs, 77 licensees documents returned on completion .

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