February 6, 2014 memorandum between the German Office for International Cooperation (GIZ) and 5th consortia Ukrainian cities


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One of the strategic objectives of the Government is to use the best global practices of regional administration and implementation of energy-saving technologies.

February 6, 2014 ., With the support of the Government of 5 consortia Ukrainian cities signed a memorandum with the German Office for International Cooperation (GIZ) for the project” Energy Efficiency in the community”. Under this project, GIZ will provide technical assistance to the Ukrainian cities of the amount of 4 million euros. For 2013 due , including the introduction of energy-saving technologies , gas consumption for heat generation Ukrainian enterprises Teplokommunenergo reduced by more than 6%. In regions were implemented dozens of projects aimed at energy saving. Now with the international financial institutions (IFIs ) in Ukraine has already implemented four major projects worth more than 3 billion USD.

Last year in 4 cities in Ukraine (Chernihiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava, Novograd Volyn) successfully completed the GIZ «Energy efficiency in buildings” in which work was performed to energy retrofit buildings. In particular, due to renovation in Chernigov only one part of the old building Collegium number 11 overall energy savings already amounted to almost 42 thousand kWh per year, or more than 30.5 thousand USD per year  Were also completed work on the device of automatic control systems and hydro-chemical cleaning of heating systems in buildings city hospital № 1.

In this project, in Ivano-Frankivsk has completed preparatory work to modernize energy residential building condominiums and prepared a business plan to attract credit MFIs ( already attracted 3 million USD). In Mirhorod and Novograd Volyn also finalized residential buildings for energy upgrades.

Further continuation of Ukrainian cooperation with GIZ is the project ” Energy Efficiency in the communities ,” Memorandum on the implementation of that member cities signed February 6, 2014 . The project is a result of a two-stage bidding procedure , which lasted from October last year , GIZ and the Ministry of Regional Development has been selected to participate 5 consortia Ukrainian cities , as follows:

  1. Chernivtsi city together with the cities of Kamenetz -Podolsk and Coloma;
  2. Poltava Regional State Administration and the city of Komsomolsk, Lubna, Poltava, Poltava;
  3. Dnipropetrovsk regional council and city Dniprodzerzhyns’k, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Pavlograd;
  4. together with the city of Zhitomir Berdichev, Korosten Novograd Volyn;
  5. Lugansk city, together with the cities of Krasnodon Rivenky, Sverdlovsk, Severodonetsk.

The main objective of the project “Energy Efficiency in the community” is to strengthen the role of local government in improving energy efficiency in Ukraine, including the introduction of energy-saving technologies in housing. The project will be implemented before the end of 2016.

Dan event on the Association of Energy Auditors attended Sergey and Andrey Zinchenko Udovik ( NPP ” Energoinnovatsiya”).

Фото меморандум GIZ (1)

In the photo ( left to right): Ima Khrenova-Shimkin, Project Coordinator GIZ, Andrew Udovik , NPP “Energoinnovatsiya”, Julia Shevchuk

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