New tariffs for thermal energy for district heating companies in the industry


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Since January 1, 2014 by an average of 22-25% reduced rates for heating public sector institutions.

According to the calculations of the Commission, which carries out the state regulation of public utilities, such cost reduction of thermal energy for objects of public sector would save over 2 billion 2014 budget, about 1.5 billion USD. – is the money of local budgets.

“This is an additional resource that can be used for regional development – construction of kindergartens, hospitals and other social infrastructure, the beautification and improvement of the quality of life of Ukrainians”, – commented on the reduction of tariffs profile Vice Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul.

According to the decision of the Commission new reduced tariffs for heat were set for 160 enterprises heating.

The average reduction in tariffs has made:

  • for public-sector organizations – by 22-25 % (from 728 UAH. Gcal . to 599 UAH. Gcal.)
  • business – by 12 % (from 766 UAH. Gcal to 683 UAH. Gcal.).

Head of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation of utilities Valeriy Saratov explained that the decision was made based payment due to a reduction in prices for natural gas”. The structure of the average tariff for thermal energy for budget and other consumers of the cost of gas is about 80%. If you change its value – and the rate changes “.

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