Webinar “Steeplechase: how to overcome the barriers to implementation of energy efficiency projects”


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Within the framework of the project “Energy Saving Initiative in the Building Sector in Eastern Europe and Central Asia» (ESIB) November 21, 2013 from 12-00 to 13-00, Kyiv time held a webinar on “Steeplechase: how to overcome the barriers to ways to implement energy efficiency projects “.

Targets webinar:

  1. On the proposed examples to understand the logic of development projects/programs;
  2. Structuring of the knowledge in the field of development projects/programs;
  3. Following the results of the acquired knowledge in practice perform work on modeling the development process of the project/program.

Key questions webinar:

  1. Features energy efficiency projects;
  2. Introduction to Project Management (general principles of organization of the project, the development of the project, criteria for a successful project, the project cycle).
  3. Algorithm analysis and planning projects (structure analysis and planning of the project, analysis of stakeholders in the project).
  4. Analysis of the problems, goals, strategies.
  5. Array Logic – tool design project.
  6. Creating a system of incentives for staff.

Registration for the webinar:

  1. By e-mail esib.webinar@yandex.ru, in which you must specify: e-mail, country, organization, name uchastiniki .
  2. Party may independently without pre-registration go to the web -based platform to link http://connect1.webinar.ru/go/esib2012/OAFN4tw 10 minutes before the event starts.

Seats are limited – 100 participants.

Participation – free.

Russian – language webinar.

With complete information about the topics and dates of the webinars can be found on the project website ESIB http://www.inogate-ee.org/.

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