Project “Integrated Thermo kindergarten Yagotyn: a European perspective”. Presentation of the results.


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December 13, 2013. Association of Energy Auditors took part in the press information – tour the city Yagotin where the presentation of the project “Integrated Thermo kindergarten Yagotyn: a European perspective“. The presentation was attended leadership Yagotyn guide modernized garden and a delegation from Kiev as part of the project leaders, journalists and representatives of organizations involved in energy conservation and efficiency.


During 2013 in the framework of the project has been upgraded ventilation system and heat exchangers installed decentralized, replaced windows, replaced radiators and insulated facades kindergarten. The total project budget is 199 500 euros. Readiness is 95%.




The press tour learned how to reduce energy consumption kindergarten after thermo. During the press tour were presented technical and methodological approaches that have been used in the framework of the project. Coordinators of the project from the Fund and the city PAUCI Yagotin spoke in detail about the successes and problems that exist in conducting similar projects and ways to solve them.

It’s safe to say that this project aims to be eligible to become a demonstration project on energy efficiency in the Kiev region.



Prior to weatherization activities, hygiene requirements for children in this institution is not very consistent with the standard. The room temperature does not exceed 16 0C, although attempts to warm the garden took place. Number of radiators per group reached in some offices – 9 pcs. But quantity does not mean quality.

In early 2012, we were visited by a representative Yagotinsky City Council, to review the results of warming Chernigov kindergarten № 71 (insulation project we also developed). Following the meeting, we were asked to create design documentation on warming kindergarten Yagotyn.

Before project work specialists of “ESCO -Center” with us a thorough energy audit of buildings, developed energy-saving measures.

They were as follows :

  • Wall insulation mineral wool insulation thickness of 120 mm;
  • Insulation of the basement part of insulation and interior walls and ceilings of the basement with polystyrene foam 80 mm thick;
  • Replacement windows and doors to metal and plastic;
  • Roof insulation technology IZOFARM;
  • Restoration of the ventilation system;
  • Node installation management and accounting with the weather dependent regulation.

Currently made ​​replacement windows and doors, insulated facade restored and ventilation system. I would also like to talk about ventilation. In the basement of the house was a ventilation system, but it was not in working condition, some rooms had no ventilation at all, in the restrooms, too felt that not all right with ventilation.

Now all systems are operating satisfactorily. In playrooms mounted recovery units to maintain sanitary conditions for children (temperature, humidity, air), installed in the windows breathability valves, where it was necessary to have been laid new ducts, resumed operation of the ventilation system of the kitchen.

We believe that this is the first real object with an integrated approach to energy efficiency measures, and most importantly – a kindergarten became warm, children, staff, parents – no freezes.

Sergey Zinchenko
Director TOV “ESCO Energy Invest”


The project is implemented by Ukrainian-Polish cooperation PAUCI Yagotynskim together with the city council. Funded by the European Union and co-financed from the city budget modernization sub. The project is part of the grant competition of the EU Delegation in Ukraine “Support for energy efficiency measures in small cities of Ukraine.”

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