Poltava expressed a desire to participate in the project “Energy Efficiency in the communities”


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Poltava expressed a desire to participate in the Project Ukrainian-German cooperation “Energy Efficiency in the community”. December 10, 2013 the leaders of the city and region met with representatives of the project.

Many problematic issues in Poltava decide by participating in projects, particularly in the international. This year, several cities in the region, namely, Poltava, Lubna, Poltava and Komsomolsk, expressed a desire to participate more in the Ukrainian- German project “Energy Efficiency in the community”. His goal – to support local authorities towards the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Heads of cities applying for participation in the project, presented their experience in the field of energy efficiency, and discuss future work specially created consortium member cities whose leader acted Regional State Administration.

Udovychenko Alexander, head of the Poltava Regional State Administration, said that they will do everything to present their opportunities to participate in the project.

Project participants will be able to learn from the experience of energy saving in many European countries, Germany is one of them.

Haars Claus, Project Expert GIZ “Energy efficiency in communities” (Germany), pointed out that a common problem that is painful for the German and Ukrainian cities – this burden, which is the city’s budget for energy.

The project will support the activities of the partner cities in different ways, in particular, to promote access to funds and credit lines, because the implementation of energy efficiency measures will need a lot of money.

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