Association of Energy Auditors report for 2013


Асоціація енергоаудиторів

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December 19, 2013 held a meeting of the Association of Energy Auditors, where he presented a report on the work in 2013 and announced its plans for 2014.

In 2013, the Association of Energy Auditors were :

  1. Started – 3 new projects: webinars, monitor prices on energy efficiency measures, the recommended prices for energy audits (buildings and heat supply enterprises).
  2. AEA members recommended Minregionstroem as performers on energy audit services.
  3. Participated in changing the regulatory framework for energy services.
  4. Organized and took part in 18 events where popularized the idea of ​​the necessity and importance of an energy audit.
  5. A study of the demand for loans for energy efficiency projects (among industrial enterprises).
  6. Updated website of the Association and

Of work plans for 2014 are:

  1. Popularization of energy audits (public and private sector).
  2. Update calculator – translating it into WEB (holding lectures for students of applied KPI, KISR, HPI (Kharkiv), LP (Lvov) and Donte (Donetsk)).
  3. Facilitating the adoption of the bill by the ESCO.
  4. Support of existing projects: Update monitors, training webinars.

More details in the report on the work in 2013.

Webinar recording

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