Unique energy-efficient design in Ternopil


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Unique energy-efficient, socially significant project implemented in Ukraine. This – installation of modern energy-saving equipment in the Ternopil schools.

The project involves working with two secondary schools Ternopil: № 26 and № 27. In 2012, they were given individual heating units (ITP ), through which the school throughout the year can save money on heating.

The school number 26 and an experiment was conducted in addition to the ITP installed equipment (balancing valves and modern thermostats on heaters), which balanced the internal heating system. This step makes it possible to uniformly heat the all school classes and set the desired temperature in each of them (not above 21 C), as well as in the corridors and stairwells (not above 18 C). As a result, the school is further reduced heat consumption by the amount of heat, which, simply put, is already in the classroom.

Expected savings from installing energy-efficient equipment will be approximately 20-25 percent.

In kindergartens and schools in the city, according to the city of Ternopil program already installed individual heating units, but balancing valves and thermostats that balance the heat inside the room, there is only number 26 in the NL.

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