The railway sector in 2013 has saved energy by 60 mln.


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In January – September 2013, the basic energy-saving measures have focused on improving the railroad railway technology , lighting retrofits stations , reconstruction of boiler houses. Rational use of energy resources could reduce their consumption by about 60.9 mln.

Thanks to the energy-saving measures for the 9 months of saved over 27 million kW ∙ h of electricity , 586 million cubic meters of natural gas , 2.3 million tonnes of diesel fuel and 445 tons of coal , said the headquarters of the Ukrainian Railways locomotive economy .

To improve the railway technology in the Donetsk region, South-West and part of the Lviv railway trains were sent on long sections without change of locomotives and locomotive crews . At the stations, Sartana , Yasinovataya , Krasny Liman , Krasnoarmejsk , Volnovaha Donetsk Railway was formed 390 freight trains increased length. Also on the South and the Donetsk railway diesel – electric trains replaced , and in general by rail , depending on the traffic flow corrected quantity, composition and direction of commuter trains.

To save energy, railway stations, upgraded exterior lighting , parks and platforms , using energy saving equipment.

In the area also reduced the use of boiler fuel to produce heat. During the renovation of a boiler installed 11 high-efficiency boilers instead of outdated coal . In Kherson oil-fired boiler was transferred to the gases reconstructed 2.7 thousand meters of heating systems using modern insulating materials , insulated building area of ​​7.1 tys.kv.g. The effect of the introduction of energy-saving measures in the production of thermal energy railroad waiting in the IV quarter, at the height of the heating season. Total from 2000 to 2013 in 1302 decommissioned old inefficient coal-fired boiler fuel oil and 23 .

In the structure of the rail industry operating costs are energy up to 21 % , over 80% of energy consumed by industry for traction , so their effective use is one of the priorities .

Over the past 17 years, energy consumption of rail transport decreased by 2.2 times , including the energy consumption of traction of trains – by 34.2 %.

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