Participation in the International Investment Business Forum on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


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November 9, an International investment forum on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Representatives of the Association of Energy Auditors utilities attended the forum and delivered two presentations on areas of energy audit in the implementation of energy efficiency projects in the housing sector and the possibilities of cooperation between Ukrainian and Dutch companies.

Андрій Цибулько

International investment forum on energy efficiency and renewable energy is a large-scale annual event, which is held on behalf of the Government. The purpose of the Forum and associated activities is to demonstrate the achievements of energy-efficient technologies in all sectors of the economy, the improvement of industrial, technical and technological processes, promoting the benefits of using alternative energy sources, promoting the consumption capacity of local resources and the production of energy-efficient equipment and the expansion of international cooperation in the field of energy conservation and investment promotion.

Андрій Цибулько

With the contents of the reports can be found below

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