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The Association of Energy Auditors with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation provides you a series of educational articles on the topic of “Energy Efficiency in the examples”.

The articles will be considered energy-efficient technologies with examples of equipment, produced by Mitsubishi Electric, as they have high energy efficiency and are representative of residential and public buildings.

Will cover the following technologies:

  1. Energy efficient ventilation LOSSNAY – supply and exhaust ventilation systems with heat recovery ( recycling ) of heat and moisture from the exhaust air .
  2. Low-temperature heat pumps ZUBADAN – equipment for the extraction of heat from the surrounding air and heating their homes and public facilities, preparation of sanitary hot water , heating ventilation.
  3. Multizone air conditioning system City Multi – conditioning equipment , creating the best possible comfort with minimum energy consumption .
  4. Heat recovery air-conditioning technology and electronic equipment for space heating and domestic hot water production Water Loop – equipment that allows for the heat chillers (eg , food supermarket ) to heat the room and get the hot water.

Preparation of the article deals with Kordyukov Michael, a member of the presidium of Avoca Ukraine, member of the TC-302 “Energy efficiency of buildings and structures”, the head of the training center Mitsubishi Electric in Ukraine.

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