The need for thermo housing in Ukraine


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With the start of the heating season in Ukraine the problem of cold and energy inefficient buildings has again become relevant.

To focus attention on the need for a comprehensive Ukrainians thermo mass of buildings , the Association of Energy Auditors held a press conference on the topic “The heating season: why Ukrainians are losing billions of hryvnia ?“. In a press – conference were announced data on the situation of excessive power consumption in the housing stock and the proposed solutions to this problem. It was recommended to start projects on energy efficiency with energyaudits.

At the press conference also presented the results of the sociological research in relation to the problem of Ukrainians warming their homes.

Андрій Цибулько, Андрей Цыбулько

Conducted a survey showed that in Ukraine there is a demand for housing insulation. Only 22% of Ukrainians said that in their homes warm in winter. Half of the respondents believe that their homes are in need of insulation.

Роман Захаренков, Андрей Цыбулько

In the photo: Roman Zakharenkov, president of the Association of foam, Andrey Tsybulko, head of the Association of Energy Auditors, Dmitry Dzmitruk, director of the “Social Monitoring”

“One third of Ukrainians are planning to insulate the facades and windows replaced in the next three years,” said the center’s director, “Social Monitoring” Dmitry Dzmitruk. He said that 86% of respondents to buy or rent housing paying attention to heat the house. “This is a positive trend. In addition, people believe that the heat in the house – it is their personal problem, not a question only of the state”, – said Dmitry Dzmitruk.

Help. The sociological survey was conducted Centre “Social Monitoring” commissioned by the Association of Energy Auditors from 9 to 16 September 2013. The survey covered 2,007 people in all regions of Ukraine.

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