The law on energy efficiency in buildings


Верховна рада

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The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading the draft law № 0856 “On the energy efficiency of residential and public buildings” (Energy Performance Certificate). For a decision voted 188 deputies, against – 29, abstained – 35.

According obyasnitelnoy note, the bill proposed to make a passport mandatory building energy efficiency in new buildings, as well as major repairs, renovation, disposal or transfer of rentals (rent) of existing buildings.

Validity of the passport of the building must be 10 years of age.

In addition, we note that the bill would comprehensively address all the social relations arising in the field of energy efficiency in buildings, particularly in the area of ​​establishing minimum requirements for the energy performance of buildings , ensuring their compliance, certification of the energy performance of buildings, funding for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in buildings.

According to the materials of IA “Ukraine Communal”

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