Road map of Ukraine’s energy security


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Colleagues, we invite you to take part in the “Roadmap energy security,” which is being implemented analytical center “Dixy” with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. This project is a good opportunity to reinforce the role of energyaudits and energy auditors in the process of modernization of Ukraine’s energy sector.

“Roadmap energy security” – an online marketplace for the exchange of ideas, visions and positions on the future of the Ukrainian energy sector, as well as mechanisms to achieve energy independence of Ukraine.

We invite you to take part in the project by giving his vision of the strategy to achieve energy security of Ukraine on October 30, Document length should not exceed 6000 characters.

The strategy should have a clear structure , according to which you call and explain the first five steps that the government do to improve the energy security of Ukraine. They should be specific, achievable, and backed up by the numbers. The period of implementation of such steps shall be two years. It will also be a brief conclusion – a vision of how the sector will look after the implementation of these steps.

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