Results of the study of demand for loans for energy efficiency projects


Финансирование энергоэффективности

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One way to finance energy efficiency projects for private companies in Ukraine is to attract credit. Today in Ukraine there are several loan programs and financial institutions that specialize in lending to energy efficiency projects.

To estimate the demand for loans for energy efficiency projects Association of Energy Auditors conducted a specialized market research. The study surveyed 200 dairy, fat, wood, sugar, cement and other industries. Method of the survey – telephone interview or submit online form.

In this article, publish the summary results of the study.

Main respondents in enterprises were the main engineers (34%) and the main power (23%).

Fig. 1. Structure of respondents by the office.


According to a study stating a fact in attracting low interest loan for energy efficiency projects. Among the companies that are planning or have already implemented projects, about 85% of them make their own money. Especial difference between “standard” loans and “special energy efficient” in the enterprises do not see / do not know.

Also, one of the identified problems have a low level of knowledge about existing programs and financial institutions that lend to energy efficiency projects.

Fig. 2. The level of knowledge of energy efficiency lending programs.


Note: Poor know – heard in general terms, I do not know the detailed terms of raising funds and additional benefits from participation in the program.

Among the best known representatives of the companies were from the program UKEEP and NEFCO (Cleaner Production). The program UKEEP familiar 7% of respondents, while aware of the UKEEP in general 26%. Terms of raising credit program for Cleaner Production of NEFCO knew 4% of respondents.

Fig. 3. Energy efficiency measures that are planning to implement in the workplace.

Мероприятия по энергоэффективности

The most popular activities is intended to introduce the enterprises were upgrading boilers (23%) and upgrading of power supply and distribution (19%). Recommended solution providers and equipment to pay attention to these numbers.

Fig. 4. Term of implementation of energy efficiency measures.


Among the companies that plan to implement energy efficiency projects, half of the plans to finish them before the end of 2013, 27% plan to implement in 2014-2015.

Fig. 5. The presence of energy management services

служба энергоменеджмента

According to the study, energy management service (department / office) has a 17% enterprises. This figure shows that the topic of energy efficiency in enterprises will melt all the more important. (Note: in the following studies will try to give the figure in dynamics).

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