On energy efficiency in housing and communal services


Наталья Олійник

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Energy-efficient technologies (including Energy audit) is the main reason for the reform of housing and communal services.

Efficient use of energy resources in the housing stock of Ukraine 3-5 times lower than in developed countries. Almost 80% of housing in Ukraine requires not just a repair, and the organization and its activities energofektivnosti.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine prepared for the second reading of the draft Law of Ukraine “On the energy efficiency of residential and public buildings.”

The draft stipulates that for new buildings and buildings that are subject to renovations or repairs necessary to have energy certificates.

State support for the implementation and adoption of energy efficiency measures will be provided on condition that:

  1. A passport energy efficiency of the building;
  2. Achievements in the building of at least 10% energy savings.

According to the materials of the report of the Director of the Department of Strategy and reforming of housing and communal services N.I.Oleynik on the Ministry of Regional Development Board meeting held in Lviv.

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