Materials from the Assembly of Energy auditors for the 1st half of 2013


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July 4, 2013 a meeting was held of energy auditors.

At the meeting was a report on the results of the Association of Energy Auditors for the 1st half and the plans for the 2nd half of 2013.

For 2013 by the Association of Energy Auditors were:

  1. Running – 3 new projects:
    1. Webinars;
    2. Monitoring of prices of energy efficiency measures;
    3. Recommended prices for energy audits (buildings and heat supply enterprises).
  2. Updated website of the Association єnergoauditorov and
  3. Participation in the change of the regulatory framework for energy services.
  4. ОOrganized and taken part in seven events.
  5. Other.

Among the work plans for the 2 half of 2013 is as follows:

  1. Further assist in the improvement and adoption of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Budget Code of Ukraine” (concerning settlement provision of energy services in budgetary institutions). Proceedings from the meeting of energy auditors for the 1st half 2013
  2. Conduct training webinars (once a month).
  3. Maintenance and updating of existing projects.
  4. Current operating work.

More details in the report on the results of work in the 1st half of 2013.

Video Webinar recording

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