The meeting of the Working Group on Energy Efficiency Project LDS


Андрей Цыбулько

Translated by Google Translate

June 19, 2013, the first meeting of the Working Group on Energy Efficiency of the EU / UNDP project “Local development-oriented society – II”.

Thematic Working Group was established in accordance with the recommendations of the Coordination Council of the Project LDS for cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations, as well as the coordination of joint activities in the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy development in rural mestnosti.Assotsiatsiyu energy auditors represented Andrew Tsybulko.

The working group summed up the work of the Project on the component LDS with energy efficiency, the working group presented its recommendations and expressed their wishes and vision of the future work in the field of energy efficiency.

We would like to note an interesting project that will contribute to the development of the market of energy audit – “Creating an interactive registry cost of buildings in Ukraine”

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