Pricing methodology for energy audits of district heating companies


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All interested in the price of goods and services when there is a desire or need to buy it. The easiest choice – when you see the product “live” and you can compare prices from different manufacturers and choose the one most appropriate in terms of “price-quality”.

Energy audit – a service “specific”, such as customer service while still not aware of – what is it and why to buy it. Buyer of such a service, ideally, should be a service energy management company, rather “advanced” because knows what the company needs an energy audit and knows how to re-use the results of the energy audit. In our practice there were frequent cases where the cost of the work CHEF “OptimEnergo” was 2-3 times higher than that of competitors, but the company has won the tender, as the customer know that he wants to get as a result of the energy audit, and the criterion of experience and professionalism outweigh the cost Figures. If there is no service in the enterprise energy management and energy audit is made as a fashion statement (as an option – on orders “from above”), it is absolutely useless, and a report is a jewel of a bookshelf chief power.

The lack of a developed market energy auditing services have pushed some owners to sell energy auditing companies, though, as I understand from the ad, seen on the Internet, selling instruments and legal entity with the right to have the testimony of the audit.

Energy auditing services market in Ukraine is not, therefore, there are no so-called market prices. Prices are often formed with “ceiling”, or similar value of services provided by foreign companies.

Prices, which are set by domestic companies, I would say the prices of survival. And for the survival of the company, which consists of a director and part-time bookkeeper, which of necessity involves specialists, usually academics, the contract may be 30-40 thousand UAH. month. For a professional company (and the law-abiding to the same), with a permanent staff of 5-6 energy auditors who have in the arsenal of expensive park measuring equipment, it is not less than 100 thousand UAH. month.

As a rule, we are interested in ordering energy audit amount that the customer can allocate for such work. In accordance with this amount we determine for how long the money we have enough to live (for salaries, rent, taxes and other costs). And of course, take into account a small profit of 10-15%, which is “eaten up” during downtime, as there are breaks in work and wages, rent and taxes must be paid in accordance with applicable law. We determine the best value for money, the amount of work and the results of the energy audit. According to the questionnaire, we can determine that optimum, when the cost of the energy audit will match its results, and the report will be useful to the company and the money spent on energy auditors will be justified.

It should be noted that the energy audit – is not trading desks or gasoline, and a very specific business and practically non-profit, as evidenced by our 15 years of experience.

However, if we were 15 years old and we still have our being, our approaches to the formation of the cost of work, and not quite so wrong.

In the experience of the actual costs CHEF “OptimEnergo” without an energy audit of travel expenses scale objects (plant, the enterprise of heating systems) costs about 100-120 thousand UAH. per month, and with traveling and sometimes up to 140-150 thousand UAH. month.

Based on the principle – to survive and even make a little money on the development of the company will determine how much energy audit heat networks in a city with a population of 100 thousand inhabitants, 20-25 boilers, and about 50 km of heat networks.

The main indicator of determining the cost of the energy audit, is the time taken to perform the work, and it looks like this (in working days)

• To analyze the situation and develop a plan of action we need 3-5 days.
• The instrument measuring 20 boiler – 5-7 days.
• To process measurements – 15 days.
• A report writing and presentation -3-5 days.

TOTAL – 26-32 working days, or 1.5 months.

For a company of 6 energy auditors is about about 150-180 man-days.
Thus, the cost of a comprehensive energy audit, performed by professionals with guaranteed results, financial analysis and implementation of a comprehensive program of energy efficiency projects, which can be presented to international financial organizations to cost – 180-200 UAH. depending on the overheads (for example above).

On the other hand, if you need a report on energy audit to carry out orders of higher authorities with a list of possible activities and theoretically predicted (without instrumental) with a “ceiling” effect, that such work can cost 50-80 thousand UAH. But, it is not for us.

The cost of the energy audit of heating systems of smaller or larger cities is approximately proportional to the value shown in the example above. However, we must take into account the effect of the “law of wholesale” – energy audit of the heating system of a smaller town a bit more expensive, and energy audit of the heating system of a larger town a bit cheaper than the cost of a multiple of the energy audit, which was considered as an example.

Tarnowski Mikhail
Director “OptimEnergo”

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