The credit line for energy efficiency projects in homes


Кредит ОСББ

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The program to improve energy efficiency in apartment buildings the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in partnership with local commercial banks could soon offer a line of credit for energy efficiency projects in residential buildings (hereinafter – the line of credit).

If such a line of credit score, the owners of private homes and condominiums associations (HOAs) will be able to obtain financing for energy efficiency projects. Credits will be issued to borrowers who satisfy certain criteria, such as: type of project, the amount of funding required, the expected energy savings and other standard criteria for the loan. Credits will be issued on a commercial basis, with interest rates ranging from 15% to 18% (or perhaps 12% – 14%) and loan maturities of 3-5 years (maybe more). Terms of the loan for the implementation of energy efficiency projects will be the same as the conditions of the loan at a commercial bank.

Характерною рисою такої Кредитної лінії стане те, що по завершенні енергоефективного проекту банк зможе надати позичальнику стимулюючу пільгу у розмірі 5%, 10% або навіть до 20% компенсації основної суми кредиту, залежно від типу проекту та досягнутої енергоефективності.

A characteristic feature of this credit line will be that at the end of energy-efficient project, the bank will be able to provide the borrower challenging a benefit of 5%, 10% or even 20% of the payment of the loan, depending on the type of project and the achieved energy efficiency.

To assess interest in a credit line from the owners of private homes and condominiums EBRD raises consulting organizations – WorleyParsons (USA) and the Institute for Local Development (Ukraine). Experts from these consulting firms gather information from interested parties, provided free of charge to interested parties to support the preparation of the technical and economic evaluation of each energy efficiency project.

If you plan on doing work related to energy efficiency in your private home / condominiums, please register and fill in the survey.

If you need help or if you have any questions, please write to us at:, Contact: Lina Kozina, Institute for Local Development.

Considered forms received prior to 10 June 2013 inclusive.

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