Resolution Workshop “Energy management – a platform to improve the heat-populated areas of Ukraine”


Радченко Євгеній

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After the workshop Energy Management – a platform to improve the heat-settlements of Ukraine adopted the resolution.

One of the barriers to improving energy efficiency and quality of district heating is incomplete and low confidence on the actual performance of these systems. In this regard, the implementation of a pilot system of operational control, analyze and manage the efficient use of energy resources (SOKATER) on KP “Heat” is an important step in the modernization of energy-efficient district heating.

Радченко Євгеній

After reviewing the experience of the company and analyzing the results of operational monitoring and analysis of the effectiveness of the thermal district heating boiler “Kiev”, the participants came to the conclusion that the program-methodical complex SOKATER does provide a solution to the issue of energy efficiency in the heating sector. Therefore, it is advisable to initiate the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services and the National Commission, subject to state regulation in the field of public service issues spread SOKATER pilot system, developed in a joint project of the Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Gas Enterprise “Heat security” in the city of Korostenya other cities. For the introduction of SOKATER (or similar systems) is necessary to activate the process of full rehabilitation of the supply sources and the buildings attached to them heat meters.

For stvorennya udoskonalenoї demonstrativnoї modelі “Energoefektivne teplozabezpechennya mіkrorayonu mista” zaproponovano іnіtsіyuvati nastupny etap vprovadzhennya energozberіgayuchih zahodіv – termomodernіzatsіyu budinkіv danogo area mista s holding of kapіtalnogo repair vnutrіshnobudinkovih trammel s monіtoringom rezultatіv away.

To create an improved model of the demonstrative “Energy efficient heat district of the city” has been proposed to initiate the next phase of the implementation of energy saving measures – thermo-houses of the area of the city with major maintenance in-house network, followed by monitoring results.

Appeal to the National Commission, carrying out state regulation of public utilities, to consider the possibility of developing a system of incentives for enterprises of power system performance implementation of energy efficiency projects.


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