Energy management – a platform to improve the heat-populated areas of Ukraine


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February 11, 2013 Gas Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Executive Committee of the City Council and Korostensky project USID «Municipal Heating Reform” will host the seminar “Energy management – a platform to improve the heat-populated areas of Ukraine.” The seminar will be presented system of operational control, analysis and efficient use of energy resources management in the urban heat area.

Venue: Korosten Street. Hrushevskoho 22, the assembly hall of the city executive committee.

The workshop program
9.30-10.30 Registration of participants
10.30-11.00 Welcome speech, Mayor Korosten, Moskalenko, V., Academician of NASU Carp IN
1100-1130 Development of monitoring, analysis and management efficiency of heat supply (for example, the heating district boiler room “Kiev” Korosten) Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine, EE Nikitin, a leading researcher.
11.30-11.45 software for the operational control and analysis of the effectiveness of thermal heating region. Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, crushing ID, an engineer.
11.45-12.00 Experience of project USID «Municipal Heating Reform” Mitskan AI, Deputy Project Manager
12.00-12.15 Presentation of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation of public utilities (topic and speaker tbc)
12.15-12.30 Presentation of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine (the topic and speaker tbc)
12.30-12.45 Preliminary results of operation of the monitoring system and analysis of the effectiveness of the thermal district heating boiler “Kiev”. Baranovskaja TN Director of the KP “Heat.”
12.45-13.00 Discussion.

On systems of traceability, analysis and management of the efficient use of energy resources in the area of ​​urban heat.

A typical thermal area of ​​the city includes a gas boiler, heat networks and a number of buildings connected to them. The totality of these areas forms a thermal heat supply system of the city.

Developed methodology and software for operational monitoring, analysis, and performance management of natural gas, heat, electricity, and make-up water in the urban heat area.

Readings used gas heat and power boilers, water meters and heat meters of buildings. In the absence or failure of certain heat meters of buildings the design data. To diagnose the causes of violations modes proper functioning heating system additionally use other stationary and portable measurement device such as thermometers, manometers, bill meter, thermal analyzer parameters of electric current.

In the process of operational control on the basis of meter reading establishes a set of energy efficiency and the quality of heat: the coefficient of efficiency of natural gas and the specific energy consumption in the boiler room, the loss of heat and water in the thermal network, regulatory compliance and the actual heat consumption of buildings, and regulatory compliance of the actual temperature charts corresponding to the actual and standard costs coolant indicator of quality weather for heat load in the boiler room and on individual buildings, the expected consumption of natural gas as a function of the projected outdoor temperature, rates of actual effectiveness of the implementation of energy saving measures. Has a function of visualization of all parameters calculated and controlled process parameters, as well as a function of the energy of formation of a consolidated report for guidance.

In identifying deviations of monitored parameters of the standard level of thermal energy district manager should be cause diagnosis of violations using the so-called “tree situation assessment” and needed portable instrumentation. After that should be developed and implemented appropriate control actions aimed at normalizing the situation. Among the common disorders diagnosed are: sub-optimal excess air in boilers or flues increased suction cups, the deterioration of thermal performance envelope, increased heat loss or water heating systems, malfunction of heat load of buildings, deterioration of insulation performance of building envelopes and a variety of other causes. Examples of the required control action is to establish the mode of combustion boilers, recovery of gas-tightness and thermal insulation, improving the quality of operating personnel, maintenance of heat load of buildings, thermal hydraulic adjustment of the heating network, the restoration of thermal insulation performance of building envelopes and a variety of other activities.

Provided as automated and manual data entry into the computer energy management heating region. The software is developed in an environment Microsoft Office Excel c using Visual Basic for Application (VBA). The software can be easily modified to the specific characteristics of a thermal area.

The developed methodology and software is the foundation for the establishment of municipal energy management systems in accordance with the ideology of the international standard ISO 500001 “Energy management systems-Requirement with guidance for use” (methods of analysis requirements and guidance on the application).

System for tracking, analyzing and managing the efficient use of energy resources embedded in the thermal area of ​​the boiler room “Kiev” Korosten city. Boiler room is equipped with a gas-heat-electro-counters, and all the buildings – ITR. Data are collected by telephone channels on computer energy management, deployed in the office of urban public utility “Heat.” Part of the data is entered manually every day. The enterprise has created a group of power management, which uses the developed methodical software for improved energy efficiency and the quality of heat.

Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a leading researcher, Dr. Evgeny Nikitin

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