Danfoss has supported the initiative of the Association of Energy Auditors to conduct training project


Энергоэффективная модернизация зданий

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Potential energy savings in residential and office buildings socio-Ukraine measured in billions of hryvnia. Energy efficient modernization of buildings – a new and promising market for domestic business.

For the development of the market of retrofitting buildings Association of Energy Auditors jointly with Danfoss, Henkel, Veka and Vents pursuing an educational project “Energy efficient modernization of buildings.”

The purpose of the project – to form a common vision of energy-efficient building retrofits of energy auditing, engineering, construction and installation organizations, to orient them to profit from the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

The head of the Association of Energy Auditors Tsybulko Andrew said: “The main idea of ​​the project – to open the possibility of additional profits for commercial structures in the complex energy efficient modernization of buildings. This involvement in the project companies such as Danfoss, Henkel, Vents and Veka will form the correct approach to modernization, enabling avoid mistakes and choose the most effective interventions. “

Andrew Berestyan, director of sales and marketing for “Danfoss”, commented on the company’s participation in the project: “We are delighted to support this important initiative and to share successful projects that can help Ukrainian companies to get good results”

The project will be discussed in detail questions such as:

  1. The main problems and their solutions for the modernization of facades, roofs, internal engineering systems, windows / doors and ventilation of the building.
  2. Choosing the right energy-efficient solutions, their implementation and monitoring of results.
  3. The possibility of additional earnings in an integrated approach to energy efficient modernization of buildings.

The project comprises a series of free training workshops. The first one is scheduled for 08.11.12.

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