Insulated over 1,200 multi-family homes to improve energy efficiency in the housing stock


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“80 % of homes in Ukraine built in the 80 – ies of the last century and lose up to 60 % of heat. Completed projects on the rehabilitation ( insulation ) of buildings , and the installation of heat meters allows 1.5-2 times reduce heat consumption and, consequently , the cost of the population to pay for this service. Already thermally insulated over 1,200 multi-family homes. Current work is still going on in more than 900 homes, “- said Vice – Prime – Minister Alexander Vilkul.

He noted that Ukraine, which will upgrade housing – communal industry , is one of the most promising European markets for energy-efficient technologies. The position of the Government is to support the Ukrainian producers and attracting foreign companies to accommodate their production facilities in the country. And holding in Kiev IX International Congress “Institutional and Technical Aspects of Housing – Utilities ” is an important element for the creation of a platform for effective communication between professionals for the development of the next general steps.

“This year’s set of measures for rehabilitation of residential buildings, as well as the replacement and reconstruction of the boiler ( boiler rooms in more than 2700 ), replacement of heating systems (478 km) has reduced the consumption of natural gas companies Teplokommunenergo by 8%. It is an important component of the national strategy for energy conservation and energy efficiency,”- said Alexander Vilkul .

To improve the efficiency of energy use is introduced their precise accounting. Now heat meters are equipped with 50 % of the homes of the plan ( or 34.1 million) , Cold water 42 % of the homes (or 47.8 million) , hot water 25% ( or 7.8 million).

Also ends the installation of meters on all objects heating ( boiler plants, cogeneration plants, etc.). Now 93 % of heating sources are already equipped with meters.

” It is important to participate in the modernization of housing and communal services of the citizens – homeowners. Therefore, one of the priorities facing the region is the establishment of effective ownership of property – organizations condominiums ( condominium ) and the active position of the regions in developing and implementing their own projects in this field. It is already implemented 209 regional projects “, – said the Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing – Utilities Gennady Temnik.

During the Congress discussed urgent problems of modernization of housing and is considered the best experience of countries in Europe and Asia, in particular in the implementation of energy efficient technologies. As a result of the declaration of the Congress was made suggestions for improving public policy in housing and modernization of the sector. The congress was attended by over 200 participants from 19 countries – manufacturers , service providers, utilities, scientists, representatives of authorities.

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