List of the most energy efficient regions of Ukraine in 2013


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SCM presented the third issue of energy efficiency rating of the regions of Ukraine Ukrainian Energy Index (UEI- 2013 ).

Rating 2013 demonstrates significant potential of Ukraine in the field of energy saving. Compared with the initial rating in 2011 , the rate of energy efficiency has increased and reached 54.2 % of the EU level. Experts believe that if Ukraine has achieved European standards of energy efficiency, it would be possible to significantly reduce energy consumption in industry , agriculture, construction, services and utilities at 45.8 %.

The winners of this year’s ranking of energy efficiency are the following regions of Ukraine:

  • in the overall standings – Transcarpathian , Cherkasy and Chernihiv region;
  • in the sector “Industry” – Donetsk , Chernihiv and Zaporizhia region;
  • in the sector of “services” – Odessa , Donetsk and Lviv region;
  • in the sector “Agriculture” – Ternopil , Lviv and Zhytomyr region;
  • in the utilities sector – Vinnitsa , Kirovograd and Zhytomyr region.

In the ranking of UEI- 2013 was attended by 26 regions of Ukraine. It is based on the methodology of the analysis of energy efficiency of the International Energy Agency ( IEA). The evaluation was conducted by comparing the regions of final energy consumption by sector with those of the European Union ( EU) , which are used as a benchmark for energy efficiency. The gap between regional indicators and benchmark determines the energy saving potential of the region. The analysis takes into account the economic structure of each region : provide a breakdown of final energy consumption in the 10 sectors of processing industry , agriculture , mining , construction, services and housing sector . The results of the rankings for five years, enabling you to see the progress of the regions in the implementation of regional energy efficiency programs , identify leaders and learn best practices .

The methodology of ranking was slightly improved, so as recommended by MAE were adjusted value added in industry and the manufacture of cement to the physical volume of industrial production in these industries . This method is recommended by the IEA for eliminating vibrations of value added in these industries during sharp deceleration / revival of business activity. In UEI- 2013 conversions have been made of all the regions in energy efficiency for the previous years, so they can be properly compared.
More detailed results of the last ranking Ukrainian Energy Index is available on the official website.

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