Integrated termosanatsiya school in Kiev


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Integrated termosanatsiya school will save more than 550 thousand UAH. per year (at current rates of energy resources). This was discussed during the presentation of a pilot demonstration project for integrated termosanatsii general educational establishment number 233, which is in the Obolon district at st. Lajos Havre, 22-A.

“We are actively working towards a comprehensive thermo-public institutions, including educational institutions and health care. In this school, for example, energy savings of about 30%. We are seeing a fairly rapid return, so for us it is very important to implement similar projects in various institutions in large numbers, “- said the head of the Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov.


The school held a range of energy efficiency measures. In particular, insulated exterior walls, upgraded the interior of the heating system of the building, have introduced a system of automatic remote data collection on energy use, have developed a system of automatic control of heating and hot water systems of the building.

Also in the building replaced the wooden box on the metal, insulated roof, organized and remodeled the system of ventilation in the building.


Recall that in the framework of the project “Municipal Heating Reform” and the utility’s “Group of implementation of the project on energy saving in administrative and public buildings of the city of Kiev” was conducted energy audits of ten typical office buildings and ten public sector housing stock. The results of the energy audits have been selected and agreed by the KSCA, the project “RMT” and LLC “DTEK” public sector institutions – school number 233 and number 573 kindergarten, as objects for a pilot demonstration project for integrated termosanatsii buildings.


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