Submission of applications for participation in the tender for carrying out energy audits in apartment buildings in Lviv and Vinnitsa


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In the frame of the project “Technical support for the co-owners of apartment buildings (condominiums) in the cities of Lviv and Vinnitsa in Ukraine,” World Bank invites energy auditors to participate in the tender for conducting energy audits in apartment buildings in Lviv and Vinnitsa.

The applications of interest must be submitted in English in electronic format through the website of the World Bank eConsultant2
Task Name: 1087554 – Technical support to the co-owners of apartment buildings in the cities of Lviv and Vinnitsa in Ukraine


One important element of raising awareness about the inhabitants of residential energy efficiency is to conduct energy audits of their homes in order to identify gaps and generate a list of building the necessary measures to modernize the house.

The consultant’s task is to conduct energy audits, 100 multi-family residential buildings in Lviv and up to 20 energy audits in the winery. The consultant will provide the necessary technical advice and support in these OSBB Cities.

Submission Requirements
Interested consultants must provide information in which they indicate their experience in performing this task (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among the employees of the firm, resumes and cover letters for legal entities).
The total size of all applications should not exceed 5 MB.
There is a possibility of group applications consultants to improve compliance with the qualification requirements.


  1. Provide information that demonstrates their competence in the field of the problem – in particular, in conducting energy audits of residential apartment buildings *;
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of international best practices * vprovedenii energy audits;
  3. Provide information about the kind of economic activity and work experience;
  4. Provide information about the competence and qualifications of key personnel *.

* – Required

The deadline for expressions of interest in participating: October 22, 2012

Country objectives: Ukraine

Sources of funding: World Bank

Individual / legal entity: The Consultant shall be a legal entity

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