A meeting of NGOs with the Prime Minister of Ukraine


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Today, at a meeting of NGOs with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, NY Azarov representative of the Association of Energy Auditors Housing Andrew Tsybulko voiced the possibility of energy audits, as one of the first measures of energy efficiency housing sector.

It was also suggested businesses heat and water when approving a new tariff NKRRKU necessarily hold (to be available) energy audit.

“Energy audit will help stop the unjustified increase in utility tariffs in Ukraine.

Thus, the old boilers, energy-consuming they. But on what basis from year to year is an increase in the production of a disproportionate use of resources? Therefore it is very important to determine the correctness of calculations instrumentally. You must stop the continuous growth rates “, – says Azarov.

Азаров энергосбережение

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